Time to Heal the Present

Time Heals || Darryl and Nami


“Mr. Senator, I researched malts before I came here! I can’t seem to figure out the difference from a malt and a shake,” Nami placed her hands out, palms up, as if she were weighing the two options. “I’ve never had either one so I can’t really say anything,” the girl snorted and laughed at herself. Nami could hardly be blamed for being overly enthused by the new and strange world of beverages. She was one of those people who had a strong thirst for knowledge. Even if the information doesn’t directly apply to her, she still like to gather new information and expand her knowledge. Her father always did say that knowledge is power.

“Nope. Nope. I won’t argue with you sir,” she shook her head like an obedient child. Senator Jones was somebody that she really looked up to and admired like a superhero. His name was often spoken around her household. Nami grew up to recognize the senator as an important and influential man. She half expected him to be strict and uptight but to her surprise, he wasn’t like that at all. He rather amused her. He had a way of making things sound like a joke sometimes but even then she knew that he was an extremely powerful man who people listened to and respected. This was something that Nami had hoped to emulate as well, the ability to have people take her seriously. Other than that, she felt comfortable around him. He felt like an uncle she never had and a father figure that she desperately needed right now. 

The malt that the waitress sat down was immediately pushed towards her, which she greeted with great excitement. “Yaaay my first malt! Here I go!” Nami stabbed her straw into the cup and did not hesitate to take the first sip. The frothy drink filled her mouth with an unfamiliar blend of sweetness and rich creamy taste. Her taste buds seemed to have exploded with joy in her mouth. “Oh goodness. That’s delicious!” She began chugging the rest of it quickly then noticed the small inflection in the Senator’s last sentence. “Ohhhh. Those neighbors. They’re ignorant and stupid.”

“A malt and a shake?” Darryl’s eyebrows raised in surprise at the question.  She couldn’t find the difference between the two in her research? That was no matter.  He was here to help.  “Well, a malt is just like a shake, but it has one extra ingredient.  Have you ever had a malt ball?” He smiled a bit.  “A malt has malt powder mixed in, giving it that extra boost of flavor.  Sounds good, right?”

Darryl had to admit, the girl was quite a bit smarter than she’d let on.  Holding her cards close to her chest like that was quite the good move for her, considering her circumstances in being here in the first place. She handled everything with such ease and confidence.  Darryl admired those traits of hers highly, and he himself aspired to be more like her-at ease with the present.  Darryl was no such thing, and he feared that it was evident, at times, in his demeanor.  With Nexus stirring up chaos wherever their agents went and such turmoil in common society, Darryl felt that there was a major clean up needed, yet no one was ready to admit it.

The Senator kept an eye on Nami as she took a sip of her first malt ever.  The girl out of time, drinking an old-time drink.  There was something amusing about the scenario.  He grinned and laughed at her reaction, glad she enjoyed the drink.  “There you go! Glad you like it!” He took a draw from the straw of his own malt before continuing.  “Yes, they are.  But I do have something to ask you about, in regards to the pesky neighbors.” He glanced up at her curiously.  “I’m considering coming clean about my sympathies in an upcoming press conference.  Will that screw things over, you think? Or is that just the push the Rebels will need?”

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